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Rocky Mountain Collaborative Law Professionals is a group of divorce lawyers, divorce mediators, divorce coaches, and divorce financial specialists who are dedicated to promoting and practicing the principles of collaborative divorce.

This web site is designed to provide information to those facing divorce so they can  make an informed decision about the collaborative divorce process.  For additional information, contact any of the group members.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce has proven to be a highly successful way for a divorcing couple to resolve their differences without going to court. In the collaborative law divorce process, the participants each have experienced divorce attorneys with advanced training in non-adversarial conflict resolution techniques. Instead of going to court … read more

Collaborative Divorce Process

To insure full commitment to the collaborative divorce process, the participants and their attorneys agree in advance that they will work together in a cooperative, good faith effort to resolve issues without resorting to litigation in the courts. They agree that they will provide full, honest and open disclosure of all information relevant to the proceedings. And, importantly, they agree that their attorney’s representation is limited to the collaborative divorce process, and that neither of the attorneys can … read more

Why is it Successful?

The Collaborative Divorce model views divorce as the restructuring of the family, not a battle to be won or lost. The model is successful because it provides the participants with an optimal setting, atmosphere and support system to enable them to settle their divorce issues. It empowers them to … read more

What Next?

Talk with your spouse about how Collaborative Process could be less expensive, less adversarial, and less harmful to your children.  Refer him or her to this site.  Then call one of our members for an initial consultation to see if Collaborative is right for you.